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Why Choose dEM?

We don’t mess around.

All of our projects are custom designed to suit the specific needs of our clients and their spaces.

We make AV easy-to-use with user-friendly technology and hassle-free maintenance. 

Mission & Vision


DIGITAL EDGE operates as a bridge between the A/V and IT sectors. With a forward-thinking mindset, a breadth of knowledge, and a flair for unique design, we create custom A/V solutions that bring our clients’ brands to life.


We continually strive to make possible what’s never been done before in the A/V industry. Growth and change will come, but DIGITAL EDGE continues to design with creativity, build with intention, deliver the unexpected, and stay at the forefront of technology, forcing the industry to follow our lead.


DIGITAL EDGE grew from a high school passion project. When we landed our first client in 2010, the passion project became a reality. Even in our first big job, we set out to do things differently, to prove the nay sayers wrong, and give the client a finished product that was way better than they ever expected.

DIGITAL EDGE was built as a bridge between audio visual (A/V) and Information Technology (IT). We kill it in our industry because we pair our IT perspective with our A/V knowledge — none of our competitors can say they do the same.

We are unapologetically confident in our ability to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients, and we do it with an intensity and dedication that’s contagious. Our brand was co-created with our original clients. They are the true pioneers in our story. Their creativity and willingness to experiment during our first few jobs helped us uncover the many unique ways we could fulfill someone’s vision.

Today, working only with an awesome set of solutions-forward clients, DIGITAL EDGE designs custom, one- of-a-kind A/V integration experiences for brands with a daring vision.

Turn your vision into a reality

Digital Edge has a history of helping implement AV technology solutions for small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between.