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Nureva creates the audiovisual systems and solutions that resolve team problems in the collaborative workplace. That means making conversations simpler, reducing the need for IT support, and transforming the clarity of audio experiences. Nureva HDL300 video conferencing solutions are some of the best on the market. Their sound systems are designed so speakers can be heard with flawless quality from anywhere in the room. Nureva’s microphone mist technology fills a room with virtual microphones so everyone can be heard from every point in a space, which makes remote callers feel like they’re in the room with the team. Control your whole system with the Nureva Console, and easily manage your system. Nureva’s active zone control also allows you to change focus, and switch the setup to focus more on the presenter and less on the audience. It’s the attention to detail with software like this that makes Nueva the perfect audio solution for university auditoriums or meeting rooms, depending on whether you are looking for a presentation or collaborative style solution. Nureva audio solutions are ideal for education and corporate workplaces, with a number of options of sound solutions to fit any space. This is ideal for hybrid workspaces because it doesn’t matter whether participants are in-person or remote, every individual can be heard clearly from every point in the room. The technology is reliable, limiting the need for support, and the flawless sound quality allows everyone to converse naturally – there’s no need to raise your voice to be heard.

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Nureva Sound Bar Dual HLD300
For all kinds of large spaces
Nureva Sound Bar HLD300
Just right for mid-size spaces
Nureva Sound Bar HLD200
Engineered for small spaces

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