Digital Signage Edmonton

by Riley W • September 1, 2015
At digital EDGE media (dEm), we specialize in digital signage. From videowalls, electronic & digital scoreboards, informational digital signage, wayfinding kiosks / building directories, digital menu boards, to indoor / outdoor LED signage in all sizes, we have a solution or will customize a solution to meet your specific needs. As an audio-visual integrator, dEM combines traditional A/V services with the latest in IT technologies to provide a WOW factor which is unbeatable. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your needs for professional digital signage or digital displays and help bring your ideas and dreams to life. We currently have offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver and can serve your needs no matter where you are in Alberta or BC. Our past digital signage installs include: digital menu boards, informational signage, digital score clocks, educational signage, library signage, digital signage for room scheduling, digital kiosks for wayfinding or building maps, and municipal signage for public venues such as arenas, pools, conference facilities and municipal offices. Our customers are our biggest advocate, and we would be proud to provide references for any of the digital signage installs we have done.