digital EDGE offers the best integrated solutions for elementary, junior high, and high schools, and post secondary education.

We install classroom and advanced full-school systems that optimize communication between students, staff, and parents.

From gyms, cafeterias, classrooms, to outdoor areas, our easy-to-use systems improve learning outcomes, administration, and safety.

Our AV systems for universities and colleges intuitively connect students, professors, and administrators. Lecture hall solutions allow for integrated learning and superior presentation technology, while wayfinding and information booths offer hands-off facility management.


digital EDGE media + Education Gym Audio and Video Walls

Media Walls

Got something you want to show off?

Transform your content into an interactive experience using high-definition video, crisp audio, and touchscreen capabilities.

Media walls provide traditional scoreboard functionality, display any kind of media, and integrate with your gym’s audiovisual system.

They are also extremely easy to use:

We design our media walls so people without any tech experience or knowledge of the system can operate it with ease.

Gym Audio

digital EDGE works with leading audio manufacturers to craft the best audio systems in the country.

We tune each audio system to it’s location so you hear nothing but the crisp, feedback-free sound you expect.


digital EDGE media + Education Performance Lighting

Setting the right ambience immerses your audiences and empowers your performers.

digital EDGE offers flexible lighting solutions with cutting-edge special effects that make the most of any type of performance or space.


digital EDGE media + Education Digital Signage

If you want students to notice your messaging, it needs to be more than just eye-catching—it needs to be an experience.

We can help you with that.

Our digital signage solutions broadcast your content through detailed, vivid displays.

The result is stunning—even in outdoor settings.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create engaging experiences for your staff, students, and parents.

You’ll have full control over messaging and aesthetics, which means you can fire your print shop, save time and money, and always stay up-to-date on your content.


digital EDGE media + Education Classroom Projectors and Smart Boards

Effective video and audio lets you retain your students’ attention and communicate effectively in the classroom.


digital EDGE designs classroom solutions that overcome any environmental or technological factors.

For example, we supply standard and interactive projectors that work with SMART boards, as well as fully-interactive projectors that don’t need additional hardware.

Alternatively, large format touch screen displays provide the best brightness and colour.


We design classroom audio solutions using products from well known manufacturers with proven track records in education audio.

Our solutions take the size and shape of each room into account so you can count on effective communication between teachers and students


digital EDGE media + Education Paging Systems

Looking to improve safety and communication in your school?

Integrated paging systems inform students, alert staff, and keep operations running smoothly. Choose from one-way or two-way systems, with optional communication between individual rooms.


digital EDGE media + Education Multi Use Space

Need your school to suit a variety of activities?

We install creative AV setups that make your space flexible in purpose and capacity.

For example, with the proper installation, a space in your school can double as a theatre, performance venue, or any other facility you need.


digital EDGE media + Education Portable Audio

Portable sound systems don’t have to sound like your grandfather’s boombox.

We have portable multi-use audio solutions with high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.


digital EDGE media + Education Outdoor LED Display

Got awesome things going on in your school?

Let your community know with outdoor LED displays that send high-definition messages in high definition clarity, such as:

• Billboards
• Video Walls
• Interactive Screens
• Small Signage

We won’t leave you hanging—digital EDGE offers full creative design services, easy-to-use content management software, and on-site service plans.