Event & Entertainment Venues




Your reputation depends on smooth-running AV systems.

You need the best.

We offer lighting and audio, live recording, and projections for the main event, as well as signage and advertising options to generate a buzz.

Captivate your audience and bring your next event to life with amazing technology and an experience they won’t soon forget.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venue Audio Systems

Want to become your community’s favorite venue?

Give them the best performances they’ve heard with a top notch audio system that can be easily modified and adapted.

We tune each audio system to it’s location so you hear nothing but the crisp, feedback-free sound you expect.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venues Large Format LED Displays

Looking for something special to immerse your audiences?

Go big or go home.

We design huge, customizable LED screens that can playback media and integrate with your audiovisual system.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venues Projection Technologies

Want your production to stand out?

Our state-of-the-art 3D projection technology takes creative displays and digital art to a whole new level.

Create holograms, projection mapping projects, cinema experiences, and more.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venues Lighting

Setting the right ambiance immerses your audiences and empowers your performers.

digital EDGE offers flexible lighting solutions with cutting-edge special effects that make the most of any type of performance or space.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venues Digital Signage

If you want your audience to notice your messaging, it needs to be more than just eye-catching—it needs to be an experience.

We can help you with that.

Our digital signage solutions broadcast your content through detailed, vivid displays.

The result is stunning—even in outdoor settings.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create on-brand experiences for your audience that capture their attention and admiration.

You’ll have full control over messaging and aesthetics, which means you can fire your print shop, save time and money, and always stay up-to-date on your content.


digital EDGE media + Performance Venues Architectural AV Solutions

Need a custom AV Solution to fit your space or get people buzzing?

digital EDGE is all over that.

We can work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create an AV solution that draws attention to your brand.



digital EDGE media + Theatre Concert Venues


Don’t let your AV system take away from your performances.

Your theatre needs a sound system that’s more than just loud and feedback free—it needs to be evenly distributed and intelligible so that no one the room misses a single word.

digital EDGE can tailor a system to your room and its acoustics, so you can expect exceptional results.


Setting the right ambience immerses your audiences and empowers your performers.

digital EDGE offers flexible lighting solutions with cutting-edge special effects that make the most of any type of performance or space.


digital EDGE media + Hall Concert Venues

Putting on a concert in a hall?

There is no one-size-fits-all AV solution. digital EDGE knows your hall requires a custom solution that accommodate it’s size, height, and acoustics.

The result is an audio solution that is clear, evenly distributed, and intelligible to everyone in your space.


digital EDGE media + Arena Concert Venues

Arenas and recreation complexes aren’t always designed with concert acoustics in mind.

We can design a sound system that can professionally present your productions to every person in the room. digital EDGE can create setups that are easy to conceal so your space can easily serve multiple purposes.