Educational Audio Visual Tips

How AV Is Leading The Advancement In Educational Technology

Educational audio visual (AV) solutions play a vital role in today’s classroom. Educational technologies have advanced significantly over the years offering teachers many new ways to improve comprehension and retention, encourage collaboration, and keep students engaged while making learning fun.

Education Technology

Digital Edge Media (dEm) has been intimately involved with K-12 School audio visual systems, advancing technology in the education sector starting in Alberta over 10 yrs ago, and now reaching into British Columbia, Saskatchewan and NWT.  Our team is dedicated to helping educational facilities find the best ways to integrate audio/visual (AV) technology from the classroom level and throughout the entire campus. 

Our team has had the privilege to sit down with countless schools and divisions to collaborate on creating cost-effective and flexible dynamic solutions.  

School Gym Solutions

Audio Visual advancements can be seen throughout the entire campus’.  One of the dEm’s specialties is the ‘Modern Gym’ – revolutionizing the sports experience.   Using some of the newest LED technology from high quality Canadian LED manufactures to create visually stunning signs that not only work as a scoreboard but can be utilized for any gymnasium functions.

School Audio Visual Solutions

Some of the other solutions dEm has had the privilege of being part of:

  • Classroom technology – encompasses many different solutions.  Everything from assisted listening so students in the back can hear as well as interactive whiteboards or displays that capture and records presentations and lectures.  Students can easily access prior lessons or students that are away can catch up on what was missed.  Say goodbye old-school archaic chalkboards, getting white dust all over as well no way to save what was written.  
  • Advanced interactive technologies – including projectors, whiteboards, and touch panel displays.  Students are immersed in technology in every area of their lives, so why not at school?  Using interactive technologies not only keeps them engaged but also meets them where they’re at.
  • Document cameras – Sort of like the old overhead projectors from the 80’s but better!  Sometimes you just need something simple in order to display for the class to see.  A document camera will do the trick.
  • Audio – amplification, voice reinforcement, and assisted listening systems for classroom and school events.  Audio systems can be seen all over campus’.  There are endless options for speaker systems in the gyms and auditoriums as well portable speakers for outside or other mobile events.  
  • Digital signage – informational signage.  Gone are the way of bulletin boards and paper flyers.  Now most everything can be displayed on digital signage throughout the schools or campus.  Not only does digital signage save money and the environment in the decreased printing, but will actually catch the attention of students and staff passing by.
  • Emergency system integration – Unfortunately schools have been a target for crazy people for many years.  School shootings are not new.  Schools have adapted and most now have drills for lock downs and other emergencies.  Digital signage and other AV systems are integrated with the emergency system to streamline the process and ensure everyone stays safe.
  • Paging systems – Just like the good old days when your name came booming from the hallway speakers that you were wanted in the principals office… schools still have and need paging systems.  Although they are sleeker and slimmer looking. 
  • Performance Lighting – Regardless if it’s for the Christmas play or end of year awards ceremony lighting is important.  AV integrators now offer amazing lighting solutions that will make your shining star gleam in the spot light.
  • Outdoor LED displays – Share news with your community with a new state of the art outdoor LED display.  Gone are the days of changing signs by sliding out plastic letters… capture attention with dynamic graphics while letting parents know that report cards have been sent out!
  • Web-based applications that connect students, parents, and educators.  Communication is key in every area including schools.  Every year new applications are introduced into the market assisting in streamlining connections between all parties.

Contact us for a meeting with one of our educational experts and see what technology upgrades can assist your students.

dEms first customer ever was a school in Sherwood Park Alberta. A video wall in the main lobby. Since 2010 dEm has provided educational solutions to schools across BC, AB, and SK. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big city high school or a small town elementary school there’s a solution for Everyone.

Solutions can be showcased in cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster, Lethbridge to name a few.   

The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.


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