LED TV Displays

by Riley W • June 10, 2016
When one hears the word “LED Display”, many think of a regular residential or commercial display that are commonly found in homes and restaurants to watch television. After all, many manufacturers use the wording “LED TV” in their naming and marketing of television sets. To call an LED TV a true LED display, however, would be incorrect. LED televisions actually use the same LCD (liquid crystal display) technology that has been present in televisions for the past several years, with the difference being the backlighting technology being used. In the past, LCD televisions used cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting which made televisions thicker and heavier. LED backlighting technology allowed for slim television construction while reducing power consumption and improving contrast. True LED displays are displays where the actual LEDs are used as pixels to produce the image and not just as a backlight.


digital EDGE media is an authorized reseller of commercial grade monitors from various manufacturers listed below. Commercial grade TV monitors have many benefits over residential TV sets commonly found in homes. Commercial grade monitors are designed for use 24/7 with no breaks whereas residential televisions are designed to be used at different times throughout the day. Residential televisions are also more susceptible to "burn-in", a condition where the picture that was on the screen is still visible once the content has changed to something else. Typically burn-in is not an issue when used for residential purposes as the image on screen is constantly changing and there are large breaks between use. In commercial applications, however, you could have a situation where the channel doesn't change and elements that don't move such as a sport score overlay or digital signage begin to burn in. Commercial monitors are designed for exactly those applications and are built and warrantied against component failure and screen burn-in to ensure significantly better performance over residential grade televisions.
  • Sharp
  • LG
  • NEC
  • Samsung
  • Sony


True LED displays are displays where the actual LEDs are used as pixels to produce the image and not just as a backlight. LED displays typically have a lower overall number of pixels, however, brightness, colour contrast, and product lifetime are significantly better than LCD - LED backlit monitors. When viewed from the appropriate viewing distance, you wouldn't be able to tell one pixel from the other and instead would notice the bright vivid colours the display has to offer. LED display technology is commonly used for indoor and outdoor signage applications where the targeted audience is further away and the screen area is large.


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