Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces are where the magic happens as teams come together to collaborate over the next million-dollar idea and how to sell it to potential clients. 

dEm provides AV integration. Transforming your meeting space into a smart and dynamic working space

Clear communication is imperative in every area of life, but when there is a communication breakdown within an organization, it can result in costly errors and in turn, decreased profits. 

Providing your teams with the tools they require in order to communicate and present effectively is essential to every organization. Meeting spaces that are outfitted with the required technology for efficient communication are important to the success of not just the meeting, but the whole organization.

Some of the main components that take a meeting space from great to exceptional include:


There are many meeting room displays to choose from. The options range from extra-large touchscreen displays to smaller sized monitors. The displays can be used for presentations, conference calls, or even to watch the big game in a team-building exercise.


A microphone is an important component of a video conferencing system. Ensuring you have a mic that provides your listeners with a clear sound that is free of static and interference is important to the success of meeting spaces.


In-ceiling speakers make for a clean and sleek look while providing clear crisp sound for conference calls and presentations.


In many organizations, video conferencing has become the new standard for meetings. Being able to see each participant involved not only helps to create a sense of unity, but it also allows others to see body language cues which can aid in avoiding miscommunication.

Control Panels

Press a couple of buttons and all your components and systems are up and running. Team members with little or no A/V experience will be able to operate your meeting room equipment like professionals.

Device Connectivity

Plug and play! That is how dEm sets up meeting spaces. Walk into the room, plug in the dongle, no-fuss – no frustrations! You can focus on your presentation instead of figuring out how to screen share.

Table Hub

An input for every device regardless of the make or model. Most table hubs include an easily accessible power source…an important feature that just makes everyone’s life easier! Not having to find extension cords and lean under chairs and tables to plug-in devices means that everyone can get down to business quickly and efficiently.

Room Scheduler

Reserve any room right from your online calendars like google or outlook and keep everyone up to date. The scheduler keeps meetings from being interrupted by clearly blocking space and times for everyone to see.

Need a technology solution for your Meeting Space?

Regardless of the size of the huddle room, meeting room or boardroom, streamlined A/V components are essential to provide smooth and seamless interactions.

The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.


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