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Sherwood Park Alliance Church AV Integration

Audio Video Systems For Churches

Your house of worship needs an audio system that allows the entire congregation to hear and celebrate their faith.

We work with you to develop the right solution for your church renovation or new build.

You need AV technology that works as your congregation grows. DIGITAL EDGE provides AV that lets everyone learn, sing, and worship from anywhere – inside the building or remote.

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These guys are great to work with. They deliver a great product, and they stand behind the work that they do. I would recommend them to anyone who needs Audio Video on a large scale.
Jason U
A focus on high quality, timely delivery and excellent, customer focused service is what sets Mark and his team apart. Before signing any contracts, they make sure they have a clear understanding of what your business needs and what you hope to achieve with the implementation of an integrated audio visual system.

Mark and his team work hard to make sure that your investment in this relatively new digital technology leaves you feeling educated and prepared to take full advantage of the system's advanced capabilities.
Nathan Petersen

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Sherwood Park Alliance Church AV IntegrationSherwood Park Alliance Church AV Integration
Sherwood Park Alliance Church Large Format AV IntegrationSherwood Park Alliance Church Large Format AV Integration
Sherwood Park Alliance Church Outdoor LED DisplaySherwood Park Alliance Church Outdoor LED Display
Sherwood Park Alliance Church Media Video WallSherwood Park Alliance Church Media Video Wall
House of Worship Live PerformanceHouse of Worship Live Performance
House of Worship Live SpeakerHouse of Worship Live Speaker
House of Worship Live Music PerformanceHouse of Worship Live Music Performance
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Church Audio Systems

Can you hear it all the way at the back? We provide fully integrated AV solutions for Churches and other Houses of Worship. Ensure your whole congregation can enjoy your service.
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Acoustic Modeling

Our audio solutions are fully integrated with your acoustics to create immersive experiences for your community. We use only the best products from well-known manufacturers.
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LED Video Walls

Our LED Video Wall Displays for Houses of Worship come with large format touchscreen displays that are designed to make even the most advanced AV technology easy-to-use.
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Lighting Integration

Our integrated lighting systems allow you to easily switch between presets. Instantly change lighting throughout your service, to suit speakers, singers, musicians, digital presentations, and more.
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Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcasting solutions enable you to share your message online and connect with individuals that are practicing remote worship from home. Improve your accessibility.
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Remote Streaming

Remote streaming allows you to wirelessly control displays from your device and stream videos in high quality. Enhance your service with multimedia presentations.
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Digital Signage

Get your message to stand out from the crowd with digital signage solutions to broadcast your content through displays that pop with vivid colours and crystal clear images.
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Outdoor LED Displays

Let your community know what's happening at your place of worship. Our Outdoor LED Displays feature crisp visuals that capture people's attention, encouraging visitors to stop in and learn more about you.

Make your house of worship more accessible with AV tech

Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Mosques, and Spiritual Wellness Centres have come a long way over the years.

Make your House of Worship stand out with exceptional audio, video, lighting, and more. 

Quickly switch between speakers, singers, musicians, and digital presentation tools with ease.

Modern AV technology helps to make your services more accessible to community members, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and everyone online at home.

We can provide multi-use AV systems that make it easy to go from Sunday School in the morning, to a meeting room during the day, and a performance venue at night.

Sherwood Park Alliance Church Outdoor LED Display

Featured Projects

– 2x – LIGHTVU 16’ x 9’ Direct View LED Video Walls

– Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers

– SccoreVu Scorekeeping software

– AMX AV Control and Single Distribution System

– Theatre AV System including Wireless Microphones and AMX Control Panels.

– Fitness Room AV System

Provided with a clean slate, the school had an opportunity to layout the AV changes they wanted to incorporate. After touring projects that DEM completed at both Harry Ainley High School and McNally High School they engaged our team in conversation to explore the possibilities of technology solutions that were available for their facility. Equipped with all the options available the school created a list of the technology goals they desired for Ross Sheppard.

Due to the complexity of the technology solutions they envisioned and how it would incorporate with the other building plans, they decided to hire Comtech to do the system design. They requested that their design be based on some of the systems that DEM had completed in the Division.

DIGITAL EDGE was awarded the project based on our teams extensive experience. Employing some of the top talents in the AV industry, our team has installed countless AV projects including integrations of theatre spaces such as Ponoka Secondary Campus along with hundreds of innovative gym systems across Western Canada.

Ross Sheppard is known as a sports schooltherefore upgrading the gym was a necessary and crucial part of this project. Gymnasiums can be thought of as the center of the school. Its a place where people come together and have large group experiences.

The gym at Ross Sheppard is a beautifully designed space. There is glass throughout allowing for lots of natural light to stream in with a dynamic component including meeting rooms on the second floor on both sides. The technology needed to match the calibre of the architecture and while also meeting the need for scorekeeping and presentations.

In order to provide a solution that met their vision, there were a few obstacles our team needed to overcome. The gym consists of concrete and glass surfaces with seating areas on either side, making it nearly impossible when it comes to tuning a professional-sounding audio system. With the creative thinking of our design team and the talent of our audio engineer, Jason Evjen, we were able to overcome these challenges.

Installing Community Pro asymmetrical speakers aimed lengthwise of the gym kept the sound away from the concrete walls, ending just short of the glass. Using those two main speakers as the focus we obtained excellent gain before feedback on the wireless microphones that they will use. By installing the speakers in proximity to the giant LED walls we achieved the effect of a real productionfeeling contributing to an incredible user experience.

The next hurdle the DEM team overcame was the audio for the seating areas on each side of the gym. With strategically placing Community Pro speakers over the seating area we are able to avoid any sound bounces off the concrete or glass.

Next the special time delay programming was achieved by running the speakers back to the Middle Atlantic rack so the sound is timed with the front of the room where the LED is located. This gives the audience the feeling that the sound is coming from the production where the LED signs are. This innovative and creative solution saved the school $100,000 worth of room treatment.

Using LIGHTVU LED, there were two 4mm 16×9 format direct view LED video walls installed with a video processor. Two LCD monitors mounted to the basketball net assembly are used as shot clocks as well as a scoreboard table with a computer and software. To complete all the components of this system we utilized products from many reputable manufacturers including AMX, Extron, Kramer, Crest, Peavy, Mipro to name a few.

One of the unique values provided is the ability for 3rd party contractors to come in and do videography and streaming for their tournaments. They require software that provides an overlay function for the streaming output that goes to the web so people can observe the game remotely. Working with LIGHTVU and their scoreVU software the team made some development changes and supplied a workable solution that fulfilled the requirements.

The North gym was a new addition to the school in which a performance-capable sound system including a power amp, wireless microphones, touch panel and control system was installed. Top reliable brands were recommended and installed including Community Pro speakers in addition to One System, Xilica, Mipro, AMX and Middle Atlantic Products.

The theatre modernization included speakers with a wireless mic system and projectors along with all the necessary components required to run the system; AV rack, processors, control system, touch panels, signal processors, mixer, intercom system and equipment cabinets.

This project was a great success thanks to COMTECH, our suppliers and the staff at the school. DIGITAL EDGE is willing to take on a challenge and provide innovative technology solutions that are outside of the box. If you have a vision for an AV technology modernization we would be pleased to assist!

Industry: Education

Based on our previous completed projects and experience in designing and implementing AV technology solutions for sports facilities, our team was chosen to develop a solution for Dr. Anne Anderson’s three gymnasiums, running track and fitness room. Our past experience with designing an LED wall for Onoway High School gave us a distinct advantage in that we had already developed a strategy for mounting an LED wall in front of a second-floor running track. The scorekeeping solution selected for this project is manufactured by OES. The OES score system was first piloted in the gymnasium at Lillian Osbourne High School with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The system provides a traditional and simple user interface while adding the ability to incorporate new features such as customizable logos, graphics, and animations.

Similar to the gymnasium at Ross Sheppard High School, Dr. Anne Anderson’s gymnasium has many glass windows allowing for ample natural light. We were careful to select a display bright enough to overcome this obstacle. We installed four LIGHTVU direct view LED walls between the three gyms. Each LED wall measures 16.8’ x 10’, which is the largest LED display in any high school in Edmonton. The LED displays feature a custom trim kit, allowing us to mount a Lexan protective cover to the rear of the display where it faces the running track.

Another challenge we encountered was the need for a high-powered audio system in an open-air environment with multiple zones and many reflective surfaces. A traditional “front of house” style system would not be suitable to overcome these challenges. We provided a distributed audio system using down-firing speakers above the three gymnasium zones. The running track on the second level also has ceiling speakers on an independent zone.

This was also important for the divide or combine feature of the gym. The gym has a divider in the center allowing one gym to hold two different activities. Each side can run separate systems without affecting the other side.

The school decided to go with the OES scorekeeping consoles vs software run from a laptop. The console is easier to use than a laptop as each button is designated for its own purpose. It also provides hundreds of screen layouts providing flexibility and tailored to the sport that’s being played. The feature that sets OES above many others is overlay functionality. It provides many options for overlaying game time, score, stats over the live video feed as if you were watching a professional broadcast on television.

In order to have two OES scorekeeping systems running simultaneously in a divided gym, we needed to come up with a solution of running the cables to the consoles. This was accomplished by running conduit under the gym floors and accessible in the middle so two consoles can be connected for each side of the gym.

With so many advanced and innovative technology solutions that will be utilized by many different people, we needed to ensure it was an easy-to-use ‘plug and play’ system. The DIGITAL EDGE team is certified in programming complex control systems provided by AMX, Crestron and Extron. We installed four different control panels. One in each gym as well as one in the gym office. The entire system can be controlled by just a few buttons on the panel as well as a tablet with the control system app downloaded.

We are excited for the students who will be attending this new and beautiful school boasting of modern technology providing them with the tools they need in order to receive a top-notch education that will prepare them for their future.

If you are looking for innovative technology solutions, contact us today! Our passion for technology drives us to ensure you receive the best service in the AV industry.

Industry: Education

Weddings, dance, yoga classes… you name it, the Beaumont Community Centre hosts it.

When a facility accommodates such a wide variety of events, it needs an AV solution that is flexible, reliable, and turnkey.

That is exactly what digital EDGE provided the Beaumont Community Centre. The hallmark of the installation is the “combine and divide” audio and video system in the facility’s two event halls:

Since the halls can physically join into one large room or remain separate, the community centre needed a flexible audiovisual system that could merge and split on demand.

Our system does just that.

With the push of a button, the projectors and speakers in the two halls can seamlessly transition between playing the same content to operating exclusively in each room.

Furthermore, the Beaumont Community Centre can play host to an even larger variety of clients thanks to audiovisual-integrated technology in the boardroom and multi-purpose rooms. Anyone can easily use these systems without instruction or experience, allowing them to take advantage of media and the limitless range of activities that are possible because of it.

Our installation also empowers the facility’s staff during their day-to-day operations:

digital EDGE’s robust paging system gives staff full control over their lines of communication to every room in the building.

They can contact a single room, multiple rooms of their choosing, or the entire building—whatever they need—with ease.

Ultimately, the Beaumont Community Centre is exactly what the name implies: A pillar that supports Beaumont’s events, productivity, and recreation—whatever the need may be.

We’re happy to be part of the solution.

Industry: Government

• 3x – LIGHTVU Direct View LED Video Walls

• AMX AV Control and Singla Distribution System

• Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers

• Scorekeeping Solution from All American Scoreboards

• Video production and broadcast system featuring

• Paging System throughout building concourse

In 2019, Red Deer College expanded upon its distinguished sports history by hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

However, putting on such a prestigious event requires a world-class facility…

… we were up to the challenge.

digital EDGE is proud to have worked alongside Red Deer College and Comtec Associates to deliver a robust AV system capable of supporting a variety of sports, while also delivering an exhilarating experience to the audience.

Seriously, this setup is one of the coolest things we’ve done:

Two 17 foot wide LED walls hang in the college’s gymnasium, equipped with custom scorekeeping software and media playback for instant-replays, advertising, and communicating important messages.

There are four locations where it is possible to control these media walls—an essential feature given that some sports require the gym to be set up in entirely different configurations.

Did we mention how simple it is to control the system?

Using AMX control touchscreens and IP video systems, you can switch between your installed presets and adjust sources and volume for your space. The system is so intuitive that anyone can easily use it without having any prior experience

Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers comprise the gym audio system, providing intelligibility, clarity, and high-fidelity sound—a rare find in a gymnasium environment.

Since Red Deer College’s arena can come apart entirely to switch from an Olympic-sized facility to a hybrid, it requires an AV system that can adjust to meet these specifications.

Our system accommodates that.

The AV system can move 10 feet forward without hassle, giving Red Deer College the flexibility they need to support a number of sports programs.

An AMX touchscreen control at the fitness services desk controls the AV system in the recreation center.

A simple touch can control background music, manage audio and video sources, and integrate paging in the squash courts, yoga studio, and drop-in spaces.

Everything from the floor installations, glass, lighting, and green initiatives play a hand in making Red Deer College a top of the line facility. With our AV system, they can also add effective communication and the ability to host a variety of sports functions.

Industry: Education

The Sherwood Park Alliance Church is a pillar of the community, seating thousands of congregation members every single weekend.

You might be wondering:

“What are the characteristics of such a great church?”

One significant factor is uninhibited and engaging communication.

Working with Comtec Associates, digital EDGE installed a 37 foot wide LED display that runs the length of Sherwood Park Alliance Church’s stage. They primarily use it to show creative content, worship music lyrics, and messages.

It’s also our biggest single display to date. And it’s pretty awesome.

Besides being staggeringly large, the display withstands the facility’s powerful performance lighting system by offering the best brightness and clarity in the market.

The bottom line?

No matter where you are or what is going on in the church’s expansive multi-story auditorium, you will feel immersed in the experience without impediment.

Another significant benefit is flexibility in purpose and design:

Since the media wall is modular, it can rearrange to accommodate any stage setup. It can even separate into multiple displays.

Facing opposite the stage is an 8 foot wide wall-mounted LED display. This installation provides both performers and speakers with the content and prompts necessary to make the most of any service.

The best part is that all the components are removable for maintenance without even having to take the display off the wall!

We are thrilled to have played a role in making Sherwood Park Alliance Church a home that engages families who wish to grow in their faith, serve, and love others.

Industry: Houses of Worship

Aurora is a pioneer in global cannabis that is dedicated to helping people improve their health, wellness and lives. Now an international company, Aurora established their roots and built the business in Edmonton. When it came time to launch their flagship store, CEO, Terry Booth, says that it only felt right to open in West Edmonton Mall.

Enlisting a team of experts, Aurora chose Dawson Wallace Construction, SMP Engineering, Gregory McClung Architect and DIGITAL EDGE to help bring their vision to life. A store that would create memorable, instagramable experiences for its customers through modern conceptual design elements and flawless AV integration. Not only to impress but be note-worthy and capture attention.

Aurora and the architect’s concept and vision included a big digital menu board, digital container which consisted of a LED wall and ceiling with a mirror beside it and a presentation experience area with AV. It was our job to design and install something original and impressive; like nothing else in Western Canada.

Some functional requirements included it be easy to control for staff, a high-end audio system, menu board that is current and simple to understand, digital signage to display events, and presentations on their branding and products offered.

Our design team provided an innovative solution for mounting the LED to the ceiling, as well as the pixel pitch, brightness, product choice, and content management strategy. The DIGITAL EDGE team has completed hundreds of video walls including unique situations like curved LED walls for Royal Alberta Museum and Synergy Credit Union, but the LED ceiling was a first.

Taking the 11,000 square foot space, the team executed an awe-inspiring solution that everyone is proud of. For the digital container section, we installed a 2 mm pixel pitch LED display solution that was 248″ diagonal and 1,664 pixels by 2,688 pixels. It required a custom cabinet configuration in which we used LIGHTVU’s Canadian-made Aurora Series LED model.

The wall portion of the LED display is 165″ diagonal with resolution of 1,664 pixels by 1,290 pixels. We mounted to the wall using a standard mounting solution. The cabinets for the LED wall display connect seamlessly to the ceiling portion thanks to the carefully thought-out design.

The LED portrait sign is 68″ diagonal with resolution of 384 pixels by 768 pixels. The solution features a 2 mm pixel pitch and is built by stacking two of LIGHTVU’s Canadian-made Aurora Series LED cabinets on top of one another.

Blending into the aesthetic of the space, the menu board displays product options using white text on a black background. The 2 mm pixel pitch on the LED menu board allows this digital signage solution to effortlessly display every cannabis product available. The digital menu board is 285″ diagonal with resolution of 3584 pixels wide by 512 pixels high. The board is 24 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall.

We appreciate Aurora providing us the opportunity to have been a part of this project. A special thank you to the LIGHTVU team for their support on the LED portion of the project. The LED ceiling was a success thank you to their input and suggestions. DIGITAL EDGE specializes in custom work and is ready to make our customers’ visions a reality. There is no LED installation that is too big for our team.
Contact us today for more information on how we can modernize your space impressing your staff and clients

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