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High Definition LED Walls

Impress your audience with stunning wall displays for your game, event, or office.

Easily integrate and display content with easy to use controls.

We can work with you to deliver the right solution for your building and business.

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Onoway School Gymnasium LED Video Wall Closeup
Gymnasium AV Technology Harry Ainlay

The Modern Gym

All-in-one packages that offer professional scorekeeping, presentations, and event broadcasting at an affordable price. Sport-specific options like shot clocks and scorekeeper tables allow you to customize the look of your gym. Perfect for schools, universities, community centers, sports facilities, and outdoor fields.

Meeting Spaces

Clear communication is imperative in every area of life, but when there is a communication breakdown within an organization, it can result in costly errors and in turn, decreased profits.

Providing your teams with the tools they require in order to communicate and present effectively is essential to every organization. Meeting spaces that are outfitted with the required technology enables more efficient communication for the whole organizaiton.

Meeting Room AVaaS
LV Showroom Pettifer

Modern AV Experiences

Get people talking with cutting edge audiovisual experiences that will generate the buzz you want for your business, including:

Video Conferencing Solutions

Get your office set up with the best video conferencing technology for huddle rooms and large conference rooms. DIGITAL EDGE provides complete meeting room solutions that allow participants to quickly kick-off and run seamless professional video conference meetings.

Meeting Room AVaaS