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Red Deer College
Red Deer College
In 2019, Red Deer College hosted the 2019 Canada Winter Games. DIGITAL EDGE is proud to have worked alongside Red Deer College and Comtec Associates to deliver a robust AV system capable of supporting a variety of sports, while also delivering an exhilarating experience to the audience. Two 17 foot wide LED walls hang in the college’s gymnasium, equipped with custom scorekeeping software and media playback for instant-replays, advertising, and communicating important messages. Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers comprise the gym audio system, providing intelligibility, clarity, and high-fidelity sound—a rare find in a gymnasium environment. Since Red Deer College’s arena can come apart entirely to switch from an Olympic-sized facility to a hybrid, it requires an AV system that can adjust to meet these specifications. Our system accommodates that with complete custom AV integrations.

There are four locations where it is possible to control these media walls. The AMX touchscreen controls are so intuitive that anyone can easily use it without having any prior experience. A simple touch can control background music, manage audio and video sources, and integrate paging in the squash courts, yoga studio, and drop-in spaces. We are proud to help make Red Deer College a top of the line facility.

Two 17 foot wide LED walls
AMX touchscreen control
Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers
IP video systems

Address: 100 College Blvd, Red Deer, AB T4N 5H5