Beaumont Community Centre

Beaumont Community Centre

The Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC) is a 30,000 square foot, including the largest banquet facility in the county.

Project Details

The Client
Beaumont Community Centre
Beaumont, Alberta
Modern boardroom, Multi-purpose rooms, Projectors, Paging

Project Overview

Weddings, dance, yoga classes… you name it, the Beaumont Community Centre hosts it.

When a facility accommodates such a wide variety of events, it needs an AV solution that is flexible, reliable, and turnkey.

That is exactly what digital EDGE provided the Beaumont Community Centre. The hallmark of the installation is the “combine and divide” audio and video system in the facility’s two event halls:

Since the halls can physically join into one large room or remain separate, the community centre needed a flexible audiovisual system that could merge and split on demand.

Our system does just that.

With the push of a button, the projectors and speakers in the two halls can seamlessly transition between playing the same content to operating exclusively in each room.

Furthermore, the Beaumont Community Centre can play host to an even larger variety of clients thanks to audiovisual-integrated technology in the boardroom and multi-purpose rooms. Anyone can easily use these systems without instruction or experience, allowing them to take advantage of media and the limitless range of activities that are possible because of it.

Our installation also empowers the facility’s staff during their day-to-day operations:

digital EDGE’s robust paging system gives staff full control over their lines of communication to every room in the building.

They can contact a single room, multiple rooms of their choosing, or the entire building—whatever they need—with ease.

Ultimately, the Beaumont Community Centre is exactly what the name implies: A pillar that supports Beaumont’s events, productivity, and recreation—whatever the need may be.

We’re happy to be part of the solution.