Ross Sheppard High School

Ross Sheppard High School

Ross Sheppard High is an iconic school located in Northwest Edmonton; A large school that has been part of the community for decades seeing many generations pass through the doors. In 2017 it was time for a facility facelift and modernization. This was the opportunity to make big changes to their technology and technology infrastructure.

Project Details


Ross Sheppard High School

Project Location

Edmonton, Alberta


AV System, Control System



August 1, 2018

Project Overview

Ross Sheppard High consulted DIGITAL EDGE to integrate modern audiovisual solutions with their gymnasium. Installing sophisticated AV systems for education and athletic facilities is one of our specialties. This project required careful attention to acoustic modeling to achieve crystal clear sound quality.

Provided with a clean slate, the school had an opportunity to layout the AV changes they wanted to incorporate. After touring projects that DEM completed at both Harry Ainley High School and McNally High School, they engaged our team in conversation to explore the possibilities of available technology solutions for their facility. Equipped with all the options available, the school created a list of the technology goals they desired for Ross Sheppard.

Due to the complexity of the technology solutions they envisioned and how they would incorporate them with the other building plans, they decided to hire Comtech to do the system design. They requested that their design be based on some of the systems that DEM had completed in the Division.

DIGITAL EDGE was awarded the project based on our team’s extensive experience. Employing some of the top talents in the AV industry, our team has installed countless AV projects, including integrations of theatre spaces such as Ponoka Secondary Campus along with hundreds of innovative gym systems across Western Canada.

Ross Sheppard is known as a sports school; therefore, upgrading the gym was a necessary and crucial part of this project. Gymnasiums can be thought of as the center of the school. It’s a place where people come together and have large group experiences.

The gym at Ross Sheppard is a beautifully designed space. There is glass throughout, allowing for lots of natural light to stream in with a dynamic component, including meeting rooms on the second floor on both sides. The technology needed to match the caliber of the architecture and while also meeting the need for scorekeeping and presentations.

To provide a solution that met their vision, there were a few obstacles our team needed to overcome. The gym consists of concrete and glass surfaces with seating areas on either side, making it nearly impossible when it comes to tuning a professional-sounding audio system. With the creative thinking of our design team and the talent of our audio engineer, Jason Evjen, we were able to overcome these challenges.

– 2x – LIGHTVU 16’ x 9’ Direct View LED Video Walls

– Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers

– SccoreVu Scorekeeping software

– AMX AV Control and Single Distribution System

– Theatre AV System including Wireless Microphones and AMX Control Panels.

– Fitness Room AV System

Installing Community Pro asymmetrical speakers aimed lengthwise of the gym kept the sound away from the concrete walls, ending just short of the glass. Using those two main speakers as the focus, we obtained excellent gain before feedback on the wireless microphones that they will use. By installing the speakers in proximity to the giant LED walls, we achieved the effect of a real production feeling contributing to an incredible user experience.

The next hurdle the DEM team overcame was the audio for the seating areas on each gym side. By strategically placing Community Pro speakers over the seating area, we can avoid any sound bounces off the concrete or glass.

Next, the particular time delay programming was achieved by running the speakers back to the Middle Atlantic rack, so the sound is timed with the front of the room where the LED is located. This gives the audience the feeling that the sound is coming from the production where the LED signs are. This innovative and creative solution saved the school $100,000 worth of room treatment.

Using LIGHTVU LED, two 4mm 16×9 format direct view LED video walls were installed with a video processor. Two LCD monitors mounted to the basketball net assembly are used as shot clocks and a scoreboard table with a computer and software. To complete all the components of this system, we utilized products from many reputable manufacturers, including AMX, Extron, Kramer, Crest, Peavy, Mipro, to name a few.

One of the unique values provided is the ability for 3rd party contractors to come in and do videography and streaming for their tournaments. They require software that provides an overlay function for the streaming output that goes to the web so people can observe the game remotely. Working with LIGHTVU and their scoreVU software, the team made some development changes and supplied a workable solution that fulfilled the requirements.

The North gym was a new addition to the school in which a performance-capable sound system including a power amp, wireless microphones, touch panel, and control system was installed. We recommended top reliable brands and installed, including Community Pro speakers and One System, Xilica, Mipro, AMX, and Middle Atlantic Products.

The theatre modernization included speakers with a wireless mic system and projectors and all the necessary components required to run the system; AV rack, processors, control system, touch panels, signal processors, mixer, intercom system, and equipment cabinets.

This project was a great success thanks to COMTECH, our suppliers, and the staff at the school. DIGITAL EDGE is willing to take on a challenge and provide innovative technology solutions that are outside of the box. If you have a vision for an AV technology modernization, we would be pleased to assist!

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