Sedna Digital Signage – Features & Tips

The solution for today’s digital signage market, ~sedna presenter is a powerful tool for communicating marketing messages, advertisements, brand values, and corporate information to displays of any size and at any location. Media management and content creation go hand-and-hand to make one powerful and fully integrated software suite.

How Does It Work?

Presenter Creator & Creator Pro

Presenter Creator is the cornerstone of the ~sedna software suite and the starting point for preparing and scheduling content. Compose, create, edit, and update content, playlists, and arrangements all in one application and with the simplicity of use that ~sedna has offered time and time again. Presenter Creator Pro offers all of the same features as Presenter Creator with added publishing and Player control functions. A built-in Player for previewing presentations completes the package.

Presenter Player, Pro, and 4K

Presenter Player is the playout application that displays your digital signage projects. The Player displays content according to schedules defined in Presenter Creator, which are then committed to the Player through, for example, LAN networks or from designated web spaces. Player 4K offers the highest possible resolution for signage playback. This version has all of the same features as Presenter Player Pro with the added bonus of playing videos with the highest possible definition, up to a resolution 3840 x 2160 at 30 hz (4 x full HD).

~Sedna Technology Features

  • Built-in Player for Preview

Creator now offers a built-in Player to make testing playback easier and more centralized. All the basics in one software application make for a fast and fluid creation workflow. No need for a second product to create simple signs. One product, one playout, and the possibility to expand when you’re ready.

  • Timed Content Publishing

With Presenter Creator Pro you can now time your content updates to your liking. Both the Content Commitment and Publishing can be scheduled, too! Create your design and playout, commit and publish it to your Players at the time you specify. (Presenter Creator Pro only)

  • Web Technology

Some of the newest ways to revolutionize the Internet just came to ~sedna presenter. HTML5 compatible assets allow you to display even more websites in your favorite playlists – for more interactivity and the latest that the Internet has to offer. Of course, we also support Flash if you absolutely need it.

  • QuickTime and ProRes

~sedna presenter 3 supports the ProRes QuickTime codec – making it possible to put even more vivid and engaging videos with the highest quality into any playlist with just a few clicks. Even the most demanding visual playback situations can be handled with ~sedna presenter 3. (Player Pro only)

  • Professional Tools

Presenter Creator Pro now has all of the functionality of Presenter Toolbox built right in. This allows Pro users to utilize enhanced and remote Player control – all from Presenter Creator Pro application.

  • Publish like a Pro

The same powerful networking and publishing from Presenter Publisher now available in the new Presenter Creator Pro. All your screens automatically get their content from a standard webspace. Plan, publish, and present – all from one software application.

  • Quartz Composition

Quartz Composer is a groundbreaking visual development tool that allows you to harness the power of the graphics stack in Mac OS X. ~sedna presenter 3 is now offering a new degree of usability and stability for this powerful tool.

  • 64-Bit

~sedna presenter is now a full 64-bit application suite – allowing it to support deeper, more interesting content for all of your favorite playlists and conforming to the newest standards in multimedia while guaranteeing the power to playback the content you need.

  • Unlimited Layers

How many layers do you need for your project? 1, 4, 10, 20? With ~sedna presenter 3 only your imagination and the performance of your Mac is the limit. Presenter Player Pro allows you to playback an unlimited number of layers simultaneously. (Player Pro only)

  • Core Image

More pixels, more filters, more accurate – Presenter now supports Apple’s Core Image technology to make image rendering for signage more simple, powerful and gives you new creative freedom.

  • Seamless Transitions and Effects

Not only does this make creating your content faster, it gives it a professional veneer with no effort at all. Use crossfades and lots of versatile effects right in Presenter Creator — no need to jump to other applications to edit content. These effects are delivered with ~sedna presenter 3 and can be added to any project with just a few clicks.

More Information

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